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& the Table – Samantha Daniele Wolfson

Episode 38

& the Table – Samantha Daniele Wolfson

Put 6 women who never met before around a table and let the magic of a nourishing meal and meaningful conversation happen. The connecting dining experience platform & the Table brings women from around the world the opportunity to host and/or visit small themed dining events. An experience of nourishment through food and company.  

In episode #38 we get around the table with the founding mother of & the Table, Samantha Daniele Wolfson. She shares with us her mission to connect women of any age and break the mold of what women think they need to do in order to make new connections any day of the week.

I first found out about & the Table through Raquel Palla Lorden who was a guest in the previous episode of Once Upon A Taste the podcast. And we have talked a bit about a & the Table diner she hosted in episode #37.

If this podcast triggered your curiosity too and you’re excited to host or join a table. Visit the website and follow the dining experience on Instagram.

& the Table dining experience

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Feeding you while asking your deep dark secrets
Blind Diner
Same ingredients, different diner
Connection at any age

Episode Transcript:

Special Guest

Sam is the founding mother of & the Table, as wel as a proud dog-mom. This episode we had a special furry guest. Her name is Zaron and she had a lot to say about flavor experience.


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